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Baby Oil Uses for Adults, Did You Know?

Baby Oil Uses for Adults
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We usually use baby oil to moisturize the skin of babies who are sensitive or clean the dirt on the baby's skin. But you know, in addition to some baby oil, it turned out that also has a lot of uses that we never thought before. Curious what are those? The following is the full reviews:

Baby Oil Uses for Adults

Here are some great benefits of baby oil for adults. It will surprise you.

Clean your makeup brushes

Want to clean up the rest of the blobs on the make-up brushes? Just use baby oil. Simply place a few drops of baby oil into your hands or dishes. Brush with circular motion, rinse with warm water. Then, put the brush in a horizontal position and wait until dry. Do this every 4-8 weeks.

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Remove eye makeup

It is very important to remove eye makeup before you go to sleep. You can use baby oil melted on a cotton ball, then sweep in top of the line eye to eliminate all traces of eye makeup.

Baby Oil to Moisturize Body Skin
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Baby Oil to Moisturize Body Skin

You can apply baby oil to moisturize the skin to all parts of the body starting from the face, legs, hands, and elbows. Or you troubled with cracked feet? Just rub the baby oil to the foot, then use clean socks before going to bed. This will help heal chapped feet all night.


If you want your nails look healthier and shiny, you can use baby oil as ingredients for nail Shiner.

Prepare the walk before shaving

Baby oil can also be used instead of shaving cream. Rub enough body parts that will be cut off with baby oil, and start shaving! The more interesting again, you will also get bonus distance that feels more moist.

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Exfoliates dead skin cells (exfoliation)

How baby oil, mix with coarse sea salt (not table salt, as it will easily soluble) to be the rough scrub. In the bathroom, will peel the dead skin cells that are in the legs, elbows, face, even the lips by using a homemade scrub.

Baby Oil to Styling your hair
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Baby Oil to Styling your hair

If you have the kind of hair that is dry and frizzy, use baby oil to organize them would be helpful. Rub a bit of baby oil into your hand, then press your fingers into the sidelines of hair to make it softer and easier to layout. Just avoid wipe baby oil too close to the hair roots. It will make the hair look greasy.

Set the eyebrows

Than you should use a brow gel they're expensive, better use a little baby oil to keep the eyebrow hair messy and irregular to keep it neat. Don't forget, use a mini brow brush to organize them in order to get the perfect shape.

Remove temporary tattoo

Add baby oil to a cotton bud, and then apply it on the skin that are in the temporary tattoo to eliminate it quickly.

Take off the necklace

Just as baby powder, a little baby oil can also make it easier to release the hook on the chain of your necklace. How can that be? Baby oil will lubricate the links/nodes, so that they can be easily separated by chain.

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Great 6 Advantages of Mangoes

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Great 6 Advantages of Mangoes - You and I would really like to eat mangoes, right? But most of us do not like to eat mango leaves, right? Though very large benefits for the human body, we will review the six properties of mango leaves to health should not assume you know that this herbal medicine underestimated.

At a time when people do not doubt the mango flesh that has many health benefits, but at the same time how many people are still unsure or do not know how much the properties of mango leaves as traditional medicine so disposed and burned along with garbage.

Benefits and Benefits Leaves Mango For Health

You can see the young mango leaves or new branches grow in reddish or purplish feels soft when held, but when the old leaves of mango will be colored dark green color (dark) and a pale green color on the bottom and a hard texture.

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Mango Leaves

Mango leaves after scientists studied was rich in content of some vitamins are essential for the body are vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin A. The leaves of the mango fruit also contains other nutrients that are beneficial course. Efficacy of mango leaves for health is also available on the strong antioxidant properties because it contains flavonoids and phenols are high.

Okay, we'll review the full benefits contained in the leaves of mango and when you consume them regularly then say farewell to some kind of disease!

1. Leaves Mango For Diabetes Drug

Mango leaves are rich in tannins substance called anthocyanidins, anthocyanidins may cure symptoms of mild diabetes. Dried mango leaves are made potions for diabetics, especially the type of diabetes angiopathy and diabetic retinopathy.

How to make potions mango leaves is to soak up some mango leaves in a cup of water within 12 hours or overnight, then strain to be taken to cure the symptoms of early diabetes.

2. Leaf Mango For Lowering Blood Pressure

Efficacy of mango leaves to health contained in hypotensive properties that will lower blood pressure. Hypotension nature also can strengthen blood vessels as well as to overcome the problem of varicose veins.

3. Leaves Mango Drugs Restless

For those of you who feel uneasy and anxious excess then the benefits of mango leaves is a good herbal remedy to overcome. The trick with mango leaves steeping fix 2-3 cups into bath tubs, and wash with water this mango to treat anxiety as well as to the freshness of the body.

4. Leaves Mango Cure Kidney Stones

Mango leaves for health benefits is that it helps treat kidney problems. The trick is to pound the leaves of the mango into later in the shade (no direct sunlight). Mix the powder of mango leaves it with a glass and left overnight then drink regularly every day.

Advantages of Mangoes Troubleshooting Respiratory
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5. Advantages of Mangoes Troubleshooting Respiratory

Mango leaves believed to treat some types of respiratory diseases, especially for bronchitis and asthma. Made by boiling concoction of mango leaves in 2 cups of water, then after a cool mix of traditional medicine mango leaves with 1 tablespoon of honey.

6. Leaves Mango Heal Burns

Efficacy of mango leaves to heal skin burns rarely known by the public, how to burn a handful of mango leaves to ashes then sprinkle the ashes mango evenly to the affected skin burns.

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Benefits of Sex for Man and Woman

Benefits of Sex
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Having sex will provide different benefits for men and women. Because the structure of the body's hormones as well as men and women differently.

Benefits of Sex

This is the purpose of having sex for women as reported

Overcoming pain

Sex effective for treating pain naturally. Because during sex, your body secretes hormones oxytocin are helpful to reduce pain and cure headaches.

nourish skin

DHEA or dehydroepiandrostone is a compound that is released during orgasm. This compound is important to nourish the skin, fight acne and make your skin glow.

Improving oral health

Semen contains zinc and calcium that can prevent cavities. This fluid can be absorbed by the body during sexual intercourse.

Preventing cervical cancer

In men, ejaculation can prevent prostate cancer. But in women, sexual intercourse can prevent cervical cancer.

Benefits of Sex reduce stress
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reduce stress

Having sex with a partner is the best way to reduce stress and depression. Because during sex, you release the hormone oxytocin can reduce stress.

Reduce menstrual pain

Orgasm causes muscles to contract so that the body can heal menstrual cramps. When the muscles of the uterus to contract, then the uterus will easily release the blood. That's the benefits of sex for menstrual pain

Improving the quality of sleep

Sex is able to improve the quality of sleep causes the release of the hormone oxytocin. That's why you always sleep soundly after sex.

Boost the immune system

Decreased immune system will cause the body to become susceptible to disease. Therefore, the release of hormones DHEA and other healthful hormones during sex can help increase your immune system.

Lowers the risk of heart disease

Risk of heart disease is one disease that can be prevented by having sex. Research shows that regular sexual intercourse with a partner capable of lowering a person's risk of heart disease.

Burn fat

During sex, your body can burn calories as much as 170 calories per hour. A pleasant way to burn fat is not it?

Sex was able to provide many benefits for your health, especially for women. Fun is not it?

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Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves
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Plant jackfruit or scientific name Artocarpus heterophyllus has long been used in herbal medicine. Jackfruit leaves turned out to have many medicinal properties. In ayurvedic medicine from India, jackfruit leaves are used as an antidiabetic drug for the content of jackfruit leaves have hypoglycemic effects. So it is not only the fruit palatable and can be made compote mixture of ice or even as farmers like made in feed for goats and sheep, you know friends, buut behind all that a lot of benefits contained in this jackfruit leaves.

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves

Various modern research has studied the efficacy of this nagnka leaves. Especially in patients with cancer who are treated with soursop leaves also need to be added to the jackfruit. This needs to be followed with a mixture of water because water jackfruit leaves efficacious to grow new cells and rejuvenate the cells that have been damaged.

Jackfruit leaves contain compounds that are needed to treat the disease, which is why the benefits of jackfruit leaves so efficacious for the health of the human body. Maybe you are still unfamiliar and yet so aware of the benefits of this jackfruit leaves. To know more about the properties and benefits of jackfruit leaves, please read some of the reviews below.

Curable diseases and how to use them:

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves to Prevent Aging
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Prevent Aging

Benefits of jackfruit leaves the first is to prevent premature aging. Antioxidants contained in jackfruit leaves have benefits to counteract free radicals in our body so that it can prevent premature aging.

High Calcium

Did you know that jackfruit has a high calcium content? Yes, therefore, jackfruit is very good for healthy bones and teeth strong.

Anti cancer

One of the great benefits of jackfruit leaves is to have anti-cancer properties. With these properties you can prevent cancer with jackfruit. In fact, according to some sources, you can cure cancer with a blend of jackfruit leaves and leaves of the soursop.

Maintaining Healthy Body

Benefits of jackfruit leaves the other is able to maintain the health of your body. With a variety of content contained in the resistance of your body can be maintained and can avoid the disease.

Lifting the dead skin cells

To care for your skin beauty, can also be overcome by using this jackfruit leaves. How to use it is processed into a mask papaya leaves. Take a few pieces of jackfruit leaves that are not too young nor too old. Clean the first jackfruit with rinsed with water, then puree in a way crushed papaya leaves. After a smooth, you can use it as a mask jackfruit leaves the skin all over your face. Do it this way on a regular basis every single week for maximum results.


Take 10 leaves jackfruit cooked (not too young).
Boil with water and a half liter (equivalent 1 aqua bottle is great).
Simmer until around 70 degrees Celsius, not too long, do not need to cook the leaves completely.
Take the remaining water, pour into a large bowl, then close the bowl so water vapor jackfruit leaves it does not evaporate, and wasted to the outside. Keep up the water was cold.
Drink 3 times daily every half an hour before meals.

Thus I explain about the properties of jackfruit for health that are useful for preventing and treating diseases such as I described above which often interfere with the body's health.