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Great Benefits of Masturbation

Hear the word masturbation is often made many people cover the broken 'cause is regarded as something bad. But many experts stating that sexual activity stimulating yourself this unexpected has many benefits for health.

For example, the opinions of the Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecologyat Northwestern University, Dr. Lauren Streicher claimed that masturbation can make easy sleep, reduce stress, and comfortable with yourself.

 over masturabation side effects male
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More information, here are the benefits of masturbation as offered from the Huffington Post, Wednesday (6/5/2015).

1. create a happier

"When the fun yourself by masturbating makes a person feel better. Because masturbation can make orgasm and the orgasm is make the body releasing endorphins, hormones dopamine and oxytocin can increase heart so better, "FrankStreicher.

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2. Comfortable with own body

By exploring one's own body can tell especially for women. "This is important because by exploring the body with masturbation, female anatomy can appreciate and experience the fun in it," said Streicher.

Boost passion

Great Benefits of Masturbation
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3. Improve the sex life of passion

Who says already has a spouse does not need to masturbate. By exploring the bodyand look for points that can make you excited, at the time of making love with a partner could reveal him to explore the area.

4. Sleep better

"An orgasm can relieve tension so you can sleep better. Not a few people who feel sleep better because of masturbation ever, "bright Streicher.

5. How to release sexual tension

Sometimes the desire to fuck, and masturbation is a good way to release the libido.

Reduce Menstrual Pain

side effect of masterburation on female
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6. Reduce the menstrual pain

Streicher reveal a relatively limited despite the research regarding the benefits of masturbation when menstruation. According to her menstrual time stimulation can help menstrual blood out quicker and can theoretically help cope with cramps.

7. Reduce stress

Self stimulation with masturbation is one of the ways to relieve stress. It doesn't have to be sexual too with yoga or massage.

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8. Can get multiple orgasms

Because there is no partner, you are free to stimulate themselves to orgasm several times.

9. Anal not hurt

As long as these activities do not excess and do not interfere with the activity in General according to Streicher did not have negative effect. Won't get pregnant andnot experiencing pain.

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Carefully! Alcohol is proven to cause This 7 Cancer

Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact
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Carefully! Alcohol is proven to cause This 7 Cancer - We already agreed on the dangers of alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact . Although a number of medical experts say the presence of moderate levels of alcohol that allows a person to consume alcohol with minimal side effects can even provide a number of benefits, but insteadwent on an alcohol free of risk.

The issue of the danger of alcohol it is reinforced with a research that reveals the existence of a direct link between alcohol consumption by a number of cases of cancer. In this research it is said that the alcohol being the direct cause of some types of cancer. This risk remains Your responsibility even when you consume in moderate levels or lower than moderate.

In the Journal Addiction published on July 21, 2016, an expert on the addictive, Dr. Jennie Connor of The University of Otago in New Zealand raised his research resultsfor more than 10 years about the relation of alcohol with a number of cancers. Thisresearch also relates to other research released at the American Institute for Cancer Research and the International Agency for Research on Cancer about a number of dangers of alcohol consumed with routine.

In the research revealed that in fact alcohol to levels at least found a number of toxins that will work more than just increase the burden on the liver but also working quickly oxidize to a number of cells in some part of the body, especially for the part of the body that have direct contact with alcohol.

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Alcohol and Cancer Risk Fact  

According to Dr. Jennie Connor, at least there are 7 types of cancer that you can associate with a person's alcohol consumption patterns. As for the 7 types of cancer that could be related to dangers of alcohol are:

  • Cancer of the oropharynx
  • Cancer of the larynx
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Liver cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Cancer of the rectum
  • Breast cancer

As explained, that the majority of cancers that may be attacked on pople who regularly consume alcohol is a cancer that is growing in some areas of the body that have direct contact with alcohol.

The dangers of alcohol is related to similar toxin found special called acetaldehyde.These toxins are quite vicious conduct against oxidation of cells in the body, damaging the cells that are directly contact with this toxin compounds and then attack on the center of the plasma cells that become a coordination cell regeneration. This causes cells having problems in the process of self-improvement.

Along with ethanol, which is also so strong damaging cells, toxin compounds in alcohol is then triggered the departures of cell growth in some areas. This causes the occurrence of edema or abnormal cell growth and exceeded should be. This is the beginning of a cancerous growth.

Currently ethanol is a killer machine gluthathione and folate. So those who consume alcohol, especially in high scale will experience the problem of low levels of gluthathione and folate. While both are very large role in the process of cell regeneration and formation of the anti genes that nature against DNA damage. So those who are consuming alcohol tend to be susceptible to damage DNA.

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disadvantages of alcohol as cancer trigger
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As for her own breast cancer associated with the oxidation of cells that occur at some point the body near breast due to the effects of the flow of alcohol in the body is also due to a number of toxins alcohol work encourage the inefficient provision of hormonal which indeed directly will trigger breast cancer.

Currently, according to The Guardian, also described the presence of some of the research that leads to the development of proof of direct influence on the disadvantages of alcohol on the development of other types of cancer such as skin cancer, pancreas, and prostate.

Still according to Dr. Jennie Connor said that those who consume moderate levels above will experience greater risk of 7 types of cancer. According to government health agencies are United Kingdom, at least it is advisable to limit alcohol consumptionin low levels until only 2 cups a week.

This is an actual moderate levels are still debated. Because in other research being developed in the United Kingdom by Dr. Catherine Bennet addictive experts revealedthat even the official scale breast cancer risk is still very high.

In the official breastcancer.org revealed that those who consume alcohol only 3 cups of week alone already increases the risk of breast cancer in their body on a scale of 15%. Relate closely to an inefficient provision of hormonal body with a chronic pattern of alcohol consumption which became the trigger for increased risk of breast cancer.

This figure is still quite apart from the fact that over 50% of cases of breast cancer have a genetic connection with. Which means, in those with a genetic risk, consuming alcohol will increase their risk levels in higher numbers.

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countries with high alcohol consumption
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In countries with high alcohol consumption patterns, there is an increased risk of cancer is relatively high to above 20%. This contrasts with countries with a culture of low and moderate alcohol. This amplifies the reasons why you should be careful with alcohol or even stop altogether.

Some research that reveals the existence of the relationship of alcohol consumptionwith cardiovascular health alone is pretty indisputable considering the fact the otherprecisely reveals how alcohol triggered a rise in blood pressure. So why risk your self with the negatives of alcohol when the benefits that you can not how?

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Benefits of Soursop Leaf To cholesterol and uric acid

Benefits of Soursop Leaf To cholesterol and uric acid
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Benefits of Soursop Leaf To cholesterol and uric acid - High cholesterol causes a variety of health problems, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary health disorders.

High cholesterol caused due to unhealthy lifestyles, including not consuming a healthy diet, high in fiber and high nutrient, lazy to move with no other exercise and sleep deprivation, genetic factors, aging and addiction of smoking.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf To Cholesterol

High cholesterol can actually be addressed by natural way, beginning with a change in little by little your lifestyle so that a better and also by consuming herbal medicinal herb which is made from soursop leaf nutritious. Have you heard the benefits of soursop leaf to cholesterol?

Soursop leaf has plenty of benefits, including tackling high cholesterol or cope with gout and preserve the health of the body. Those of you who have a family history with bad health conditions or have high cholesterol should do prevention early on to suppress cholesterol levels in the blood to always balanced.

Lowering bad cholesterol from the body using the soursop leaf should begin by boiling a few sheets soursop leaves to boiling water and left only half its water, water consumption of soursop leaf stew after warm water.

Not only effective course soursop leaf to address cholesterol, soursop fruit can also be utilized to address cholesterol, you need only set up a soursop fruit is still fresh and ripe for blended smooth, regular consumption of soursop fruit juice at least twice each day.

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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health and uric acid
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Benefits of Soursop leaves for health and uric acid

Soursop leaf also has natural properties to cope with gout, you who have the disorder or disease history of uric acid gout can try natural herb made from soursop leaves. Benefits of soursop leaf to uric acid can You prove yourself, therefore routine consumption of herbal medicines from soursop leaves healthy.

Benefits of soursop leaf to body health can be obtained by you at any time, because this natural plant tend to be easy to found or planted in Your yard and garden.

Good influence that will be given by soursop leaves for the health of Your body must make since now, so health disorders, such as high cholesterol or uric acid can be resolved quickly without the need to wait for medication or examination by a doctor.

Soursop fruit soursop leaf and has a good natural substances to keep the health, has always been the health of the body by consuming soursop fruit juice or natural herbal medicines made from soursop leaves.

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You who have health problems, including high cholesterol may benefit soursop leaf to cholesterol. Take advantage of the presence of this natural plant wisely, your new knowing these facts could try to regularly consume a variety of healthy dishes made from soursop fruit flesh.

Soursop leaves are amazing also hjas benefits to to tackle health disorders of the body, especially the high cholesterol high risk which bring a range of chronic diseases, namely cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

Natural herbal drink consumption balance this with do not consume foods that are fatty and contain a high bad cholesterol, some delicious food contain bad cholesterol high enough, though it is hard to avoid and You Miss, but it's better if you can control yourself and resist the desire to consume fatty foods and contain such high cholesterol, better yet if you routinely consume foods that are processed by boiling alone.