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Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves
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Plant jackfruit or scientific name Artocarpus heterophyllus has long been used in herbal medicine. Jackfruit leaves turned out to have many medicinal properties. In ayurvedic medicine from India, jackfruit leaves are used as an antidiabetic drug for the content of jackfruit leaves have hypoglycemic effects. So it is not only the fruit palatable and can be made compote mixture of ice or even as farmers like made in feed for goats and sheep, you know friends, buut behind all that a lot of benefits contained in this jackfruit leaves.

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves

Various modern research has studied the efficacy of this nagnka leaves. Especially in patients with cancer who are treated with soursop leaves also need to be added to the jackfruit. This needs to be followed with a mixture of water because water jackfruit leaves efficacious to grow new cells and rejuvenate the cells that have been damaged.

Jackfruit leaves contain compounds that are needed to treat the disease, which is why the benefits of jackfruit leaves so efficacious for the health of the human body. Maybe you are still unfamiliar and yet so aware of the benefits of this jackfruit leaves. To know more about the properties and benefits of jackfruit leaves, please read some of the reviews below.

Curable diseases and how to use them:

Benefits of Jackfruit Leaves to Prevent Aging
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Prevent Aging

Benefits of jackfruit leaves the first is to prevent premature aging. Antioxidants contained in jackfruit leaves have benefits to counteract free radicals in our body so that it can prevent premature aging.

High Calcium

Did you know that jackfruit has a high calcium content? Yes, therefore, jackfruit is very good for healthy bones and teeth strong.

Anti cancer

One of the great benefits of jackfruit leaves is to have anti-cancer properties. With these properties you can prevent cancer with jackfruit. In fact, according to some sources, you can cure cancer with a blend of jackfruit leaves and leaves of the soursop.

Maintaining Healthy Body

Benefits of jackfruit leaves the other is able to maintain the health of your body. With a variety of content contained in the resistance of your body can be maintained and can avoid the disease.

Lifting the dead skin cells

To care for your skin beauty, can also be overcome by using this jackfruit leaves. How to use it is processed into a mask papaya leaves. Take a few pieces of jackfruit leaves that are not too young nor too old. Clean the first jackfruit with rinsed with water, then puree in a way crushed papaya leaves. After a smooth, you can use it as a mask jackfruit leaves the skin all over your face. Do it this way on a regular basis every single week for maximum results.


Take 10 leaves jackfruit cooked (not too young).
Boil with water and a half liter (equivalent 1 aqua bottle is great).
Simmer until around 70 degrees Celsius, not too long, do not need to cook the leaves completely.
Take the remaining water, pour into a large bowl, then close the bowl so water vapor jackfruit leaves it does not evaporate, and wasted to the outside. Keep up the water was cold.
Drink 3 times daily every half an hour before meals.

Thus I explain about the properties of jackfruit for health that are useful for preventing and treating diseases such as I described above which often interfere with the body's health.

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